Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Single!

A song co-written with Frye Gaillard has been released as the latest single by the Grand Ole Opry’s George Hamilton IV and Alabama songwriter Kathryn Scheldt. The duet, “A Perfect World,” is part gospel, part social justice anthem, emphasizing values that most Americans hold in common, despite the partisan divisions in the country. “I’m deeply honored that George Hamilton IV would record a song co-written by Kathryn Scheldt and me,” said Gaillard. “George, almost certainly, will be a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame before his stellar career is over. From his number one country hit ‘Abilene,’ to his heartfelt recording of Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young,’ George has put his own stamp on country music and has done more than anyone to take this form of music to an international audience. We hope the song will do well for him.” 
The single will soon be available for download through Lamon Records