Thursday, October 8, 2015

Listen: Go Get Joe from Anne E. DeChant's new album The Sun Coming In 

Click here to listen to Go Get Joe!

"Anne E. DeChant started writing “Go Get Joe” when she saw a news story about a man who was being released from prison after serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. She found herself caught in one of those “what-if” moments that have long been the writer’s stock and trade: “What if I were sent to prison? What would I miss?” She was seated at the time on her living room couch next to Guffman, her beloved dachshund, and she knew immediately one answer to her question. When she asked me to work on the song with her, we decided not to muddy the water with questions of guilt or innocence, but simply to pay tribute to man’s best friend – and, as Anne E. does so often in her songs, to the humanity of people on the margins. I’ve seen people cry when she sings the song in concert, and now it’s one of the cuts from her new CD, “The Sun Coming In,” that is beginning to be played on the radio. " -- Frye Gaillard 

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